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Contagion - The Movie

Posted by Elena Bruck on Monday, September 12, 2011,
I never went to see a movie with such a strange and conflicting feeling. The Joker handles the same topic, the Avian Flu pandemic, and is coming out at the same time.

Is it good or bad for my book? Is The Joker going to be redundant now or is it going to fly?

Contagion entertains a similar idea and is filmed by a brilliant director with a stellar cast of characters. What are my chances now? It is a movie – does it mean that my book will never become one? Will people lose interest to the t...

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Posted by Elena Bruck on Monday, August 29, 2011,
A couple of years ago I began writing a book which is coming out this September under the title The Joker. It is a literary thriller, a story of lives and relationships disrupted by the Avian Flu, and the characters’ survival of the pandemic. The main action happens in Stuyvesant Town, a big apartment building complex in Manhattan where I lived at the time, and which, in its own way, has a secluded feeling about it like a village in a megalopolis.

As I began writing I was mainly interested...

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