The Joker - A literary thriller by Elena Bruck



"A unique, intelligent and exciting New York novel, the city and people as you might know them... suddenly and in a chillingly real way, turned upside down and all but destroyed. An impressive debut, who but a practicing psychiatrist could give us such depth of dysfunction. 

My only complaint is that it stopped me doing things I should have been doing because I wanted to finish it like a drug."

Rowan Somerville 

Author of The End of Sleep and The Shape of Her 

"Imagine ‘Oblomov’ crossed with ‘I am Legend.’  The Joker grafts the Russian literary tradition of human sympathy with the jarring, graphic momentum of a thriller."  

Sana Krasikov

Author of One More Year

"Elena Bruck has Chekhov's eye for detail and knows how to weave a haunting story."

Gregory Colbert 

Author of Ashes and Snow: A Novel in Letters

"Elena Bruck takes us on a deadly journey through plague-ravaged New York City. This psychologically incisive and medically informed thriller is  quite different from any other disaster novel I've read. Bruck builds complex and compelling characters, but still manages to keep you on the edge of your seat.  What's more, I will never look at Stuyvesant Town the same way again." 

Lisa Cohen, PhD 

Author of The Handy Psychology Answer Book